Stone Project
founded on love for stone

Stone Project is an excellent example of Italian companies that, by putting every effort, every energy, every activity in order to understand the demands of the markets, have been able to remain healthy, solid and vital. Having a clear understanding of the needs felt by its customers – that is, of “what” they need – is indeed an essential condition for a company to offer products that respond well to demand and, therefore, achieve lasting success.

There are hundreds of slab producers, reputed stonemasons, expert natural stone traders, talented sculptors and skilled craftsmen who have been relying on Stone Project for many, many years with the certainty of finding the blocks best suited to their needs.

Traditionally specialized in the supply of marble extracted from the quarries of Carrara, Massa, Versilia and Garfagnana – such as the Bianchi Ordinarii, the Bianchi Venati, the Statuarii, the Statuarii Venati, the Calacatta, the Paonazzi, the Arabescati and the Bardigli, to name but the best-known types – Stone Project has also always sought all over the world for new materials which, by virtue of their singular appearance and good physical-mechanical properties, seem suitable to arouse the interest of architects and interior designers.

Stone Project also dedicates itself with great alacrity to the rediscovery and enhancement of materials of historic interest, a vast and fascinating field that, with no doubt, deserves to be explored by anyone wishing to become a fine connoisseur of ornamental stone.

Those who prepare to carry out works involving the use of marble, limestone, breccia, serpentine, slate, granite, quartzite and onyx, that are difficult to find for various reasons – such as the smallness of the deposit, or the complexity of the extraction works, or the inconvenience of transportation – they can safely rely on Stone Project. Thanks to its extensive network of agents, collaborators and partners, the company is in fact able to supply its customers with the rarest materials, making simple situations that others would say complicated.