Quality blocks, in great abundance.


A quantity of splendid slabs ready for delivery.


Stone Project
founded on love for stone


The newspaper dedicated to
fans of ornamental stone.


Superb marble, marvellous breccia, carefully selected granite, magnificent quartzite and
many, many other stunning types of stone.


Slabs masterfully worked
and finished with meticulous care.


We have travelled half the world looking for the most beautiful ornamental stone, to supply our customers with noble, pure, precious materials; materials that will become works destined to arouse admiration and wonder in the centuries to come.


To stay informed and broaden your knowledge.

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Our blocks

The catalogue of blocks immediately available at our warehouses is always up to date. The sheet of each block includes measurements, weight and a sequence of photographs taken from different angles.

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Our slabs

A quantity of slabs – well worked and finished with accuracy – “ready for delivery”. In addition to the well-known marble of the Apuan Alps, the collection includes several other precious and sought-after materials.

Online slab inventory

Stone Project srl

There are many slab producers, reputed stonemasons, expert natural stone traders, talented sculptors and skilled craftsmen who have long relied on Stone Project with the certainty of finding the blocks best suited to their needs.

About Stone Project

News & Blog

News, articles and reviews that you may find interesting, such as an overview of our new arrivals, a study on the traditional applications of a stone variety that has been used since ancient times, the introduction to a recently discovered and thus little-known material.

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